Steffen Jehring

What’z your nickname and why!?:

I have no real nickname! my synonymous for some webshit is SteffenUp, born from my old favorite softdrink SevenUp..

But some of my friends call me Steffi.

Where you live now!?:

I live in Demitz-Thumitz, yes i know its a funny name.

Its a nice place to live and hang out! We have here a nice hill with a huge quarry only a few mintues away..

A perfect spot for swimming and freeride biking.

regular or goofy!?:


What do you do besides snowboarding!?:

to many things!!

filming, editing, motion graphics..

bringing my business “” to a new level!!

and of course, going wild with my NS-Bitch

What are your sponsors:

DailyMilk!, Ride Snowboards. Thank you Steffen, Jan and Klaus!!!!