Philipp Riedel

What’z your nickname and why!?:

My shredniks-dudes call me “LJ”. It´s a gathering of the parts “latte” and “jay” or “john”. “Latte” is my nickname, given by “buschi-gangstar” at highschool due to my body-proportions. “Jay” was added to give the name some coolnes. At the time of creation jibbing started and nobody wanted to ride in tight-pants!

Where you live now!?:

In present I live in Kassel to get another piece of paper for my toillet-collection from the university!

regular or goofy!?:

I ride with my left leg ahead. Goofy is a guy from walt-disney!!

What do you do besides snowboarding!?:

I´m trying to fullfill my toilett-collection!

What are your sponsors:

daily milk store, Grandpa, mum, dad an me.