Jens Kretschmer

What’z your nickname and why!?:

Jenz(i)…most people dont know that but Jenzi is the name of a fishing company. My friends call me this name because i’m a damn fishing nerd.

Where you live now!?:

I live in Neugersdorf…it’s a little city in east Germany 100km east of Dresden at the Polish and Czech border. It’s a cozy place to live here!!!

regular or goofy!?:

regular, what else!?

What do you do besides snowboarding!?:

I like fishing and nature but also party and especially techno bashes…;) Besides I take care for my own little fish-farm, walk my dog Lola and unfortunately I must go to work.

What are your sponsors:

the Shredniks Gang, Ride Snowboards, DailyMilk!, Dragon